Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing Internship

What is Digital Marketing?

This article is about the Digital Marketing Internship. Digital marketing is a part of marketing suppose you want to do your product marketing then how you will do that you can ad on tv or newspaper or in website ad, even you can put on youtube and can do sponsorship on youtube, also you may distribute your pamphlet and many more ways. Whenever you select a channel digitally for advertising and marketing then that is known as digital marketing.

So, what is a digital channel? Digital channel means youtube ads, website promotion. Basically you may monitor people as how much of them are watching which all TG are watching you which need you are able to fill and which not, how many people are liking your content and how much finding your market is just a waste of time and with this, you can change fastly.

How to get Digital Marketing job

In this topic, we will be covering how to get a high-paying digital marketing job. So let’s start with the different types of digital marketing positions.

  • Digital marketing manager – Who supervises everything. The complete digital marketing of a company or a business.
  • SEO executives
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketers
  • Email marketers
  • Content marketing
  • Inbound marketing and
  • Conversion rate optimizing.

Don’t worry if you are fresher and looking for entry-level, you just have to master one of the categories. If you like social media marketing, then you can get expertise in social media marketing. And then move on to search engine marketing and then to email marketing. So it may take some time, and you have to move on step-by-step, while the ultimate goal is to become a digital marketing manager but before that, you need to master all these different work details.

If you’re just starting out a career in the digital marketing job, then at the initial stage first try for digital marketing internship, this will boost your career. Then you can get expertise on one of these domains and just get started. You can either be an SEO specialist, email marketer, mobile marketing, you can even go to social media marketing and content marketing as well.

By learning any of these skills you can start your career in Digital Marketing. Even the interviewer won’t be expecting you to know all these skills. You just have to master a few of them, or even one of them. Let us say if you have an interest in SEO, then you must know everything about SEO. From the on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, anchor texts, link distribution and domain authority. So if are trying with only one skill, make sure that you know a lot about it.

Resume Preparation Tips

Let us see resume preparing for digital marketing. One of the biggest mistakes that candidates makes, while updating their resume is that they send the same resume to all the companies. Let us if you have expertise on SEO and social media marketing. And you are applying for an SEO related job, then you have to stress out your SEO-related capabilities.

Any SEO-related projects that you have done, or any SEO strategies that you must have applied on your website, which might have given any kind of result so more like a case study on your own website. And then you have to think from the employer’s point of view.


If he’s looking for an SEO candidate, he doesn’t really care whether you know anything about a social media marketing or not. Also, you need to understand that the interviewer who is taking the interview, he won’t be going through each line of your resume. He would be first scanning your resume and looking for some keywords related to the job profile.

So if you are applying for an SEO related job, the employer will be looking into some SEO-related projects, maybe the internship that you have done, any kind of project that you have done. So make sure that you project your skills and your project according to the requirements.

Let us see a few things that you have to focus on your digital marketing resume. First of all, is the formatting. Take care that your resume is following a correct format. It has proper bullet points, proper indentation, avoid grammatical mistakes, also the length of your resume should not go more than one page.

Interview Preparation Tips

As an interviewer, we are looking for practical experience. So if you’ve done any kind of digital marketing internship or employment, make sure you point it out exactly. Try to mention your all job responsibilities in your previous company, or your internships and what kind of projects you were involved in. This will give a good idea to the interviewer about your capabilities.

If the job requirement is about social media marketing, find out what exactly have you done that is related to social media marketing. So there are various places in finding digital marketing jobs or digital marketing internship.

If you are looking for a digital marketing job, having a digital marketing internship in your resume will greatly enhance your chances of getting a job. As a company in hiring you, no one wants to spend money on training you. So if you’ve done a digital marketing internship, you already have some practical experience. So that’s a benefit for the company.

To find a digital marketing internship, you can sign up for various websites like Internshala, Letsintern and Hellointern. Also, you’ll find digital marketing industries booming a lot, so you’ll find a lot of digital marketing internship opportunities. But before finalizing an internship, make sure to watch the kind of work that you’ll be doing in the digital marketing internship.

Try to get into a digital marketing internship where you will get a comprehensive view of the digital marketing umbrella. Don’t try to learn only specific to a domain like SEO, but also try to get an overview of all different domains. Also, don’t treat your digital marketing internship as a way to get a certificate. Rather, proactively work in it. Try to learn the keys, that are required in working a digital marketing job.

Jobs Posting Websites

Your focus should not be only on getting a job. But you must rather invest in increasing your knowledge, increasing your expertise, your practical experience or various digital marketing strategies. Once you’re done with your internship then you can post your resume on various websites like,, Indeed, Timesjobs,

There are so many different websites where you can find a digital marketing job. The one I recommend is since it is India’s largest job portal. One thing for is to regularly log in to your profile, also make sure your profile is complete.

Complete your profile by adding Key Skills – the more complete your profile is, the more chances of your profile being found. Along with this, you can directly visit companies websites. Try to make a list of companies who hire in the digital marketing space, and send your profile them directly to their websites.

Most of these websites have a “career” section which might have an email ID, to which you can send your resume. Check out various people working in these organizations, and ask them to refer you. So here are my 10 best steps for a digital marketing job interview.

  • Research about a company.
  • Create a job-worthy resume.
  • Sell Yourself
  • Think from Interviewers mind
  • Being Proactive
  • Giving the right hook in the interview
  • Showing that you actually care
  • Interview Etiquettes
  • Be Creative
  • Brand yourself Online Now

Digital marketing salary in India in 2020

It is expected that 2020 is gonna create over 20 lakh jobs in the digital marketing industry. But at the same time there comes an obvious question along with these many jobs what kind of salaries I can get.

So just like any other industry in digital marketing a couple of key factors decide what salary you’re gonna get apart from your own skillsets and your education background.

If you’re running Google Ads you will have a higher salary than someone whois doing SEO as an interview individual contributor so yeah these are the factors down the side what kind of salary you will get apart from the main factor which is what kind of educational background.

By college campus placement you will get a good start and can easily get into a digital mapping job from starting it 2-3 lacks package per annum to as high as 20-25 lakhs per annum.

For freshers doesn’t have any kind of digital marketing experience or even internship may get salary somewhere between 1.5 to 3 lakhs and if you are having a masters degree and have an internship in digital marketing then salary can start somewhere between 2 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per annum.

You might argue that the entry-level job pays you really less but at the same time, I would like you to consider that in digital marketing it is not uncommon to 100%. Some candidates got 50% salary hike, because once you are able to demonstrate that you are really good at your work, you can negotiate for a higher salary.

There are several exceptions in the digital marketing field there are possibilities that you might get a much higher salary if you’re joining a start-up as opposed to getting into similar kind of role in a bigger company.

How to Ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview or Digital Marketing Internship?

If you have this amazing opportunity for digital marketing job or Internship, but you’re nervous, you’re stressed out. What are they gonna ask you? What should you prepare? And What happens if something goes wrong and you don’t have the right answer? Will you lose the job? Here I’m going to teach you how to ace that digital marketing job interview.

Tip No.1 – Give Past Examples

If you are going for an interview for a digital marketing job or digital marketing internship and you can show that you’ve done amazing stuff in the past, you’re going to be better off. If you don’t have examples of client stuff that you’ve done or any previous experience, well what you should consider doing in the short-run is creating your own website. Atleast you must have done a digital marketing internship.

When you create your own website and you start doing experiments, at least you can show that. That’s better than nothing else out there.

Tip No.2 – Research on Company

When you’re interviewing, look at the company you’re applying to. See how they could improve. Going to interview being like, Hey, are you open to suggestions? Well, based on what I can see, what you’re doing, what are your competitions doing?

Tip No.3 – Avoid Using Fancy Words

I hate it when candidates use fancy words in the interview. Don’t try to use buzz words or fancy words to show that you’re smart. Tell them how you can fix stuff. If you cant tell the client how you can fix stuff, then employers don’t care you.

Tip No.4 – Experience with Digital marketing

If you cant break down what you’ve done, whether it’s for someone else or your own experience running your own website, you’re gonna have a tough time getting the job. What are your qualifications? How do you learn digital marketing? You need solid answers for this. And typically, you want to focus.

Your qualifications shouldn’t be you’re a jack of all trades. The markets changing. People aren’t really hiring a jack of all trades. They’re hiring people who specifically specialize in topics like SEO, pay-per-click, Facebook Advertising.

What would you do differently in that company, in that marketing department?

If you can’t answer that, then you’re probably not gonna do too well in an interview. It can’t be general answers like, “Oh yeah, I would test out SEO, I would test out content marketing”. They Needs specifics.

What digital marketing tools do you use? How would you apply them if you got this job?

If you don’t want to give generic answers like, I use Google Analytics. Everyone says they use Google Analytics. You need to get very specific and actually show you want to say, I use Google Analytics, you’ll be like, “Well I use Google Analytics and I know you guys do too”.

Have you guys been checking out the cohort report? I found that its one of the most useful reports in Google Analytics that no one looks at. Cohort Report shows you how many people are continually coming back to your site. If they continually come back, you’ll build a stronger brand. If they don’t, you won’t build a strong brand.

Those are the types of questions employers are gonna ask, and when you have answers to them, that’s how you ace your job. Now if you have specific questions related to questions that you may get answered in a digital marketing job interview, let me know below in comments. I will answer it and hopefully, we can land you that job.

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