Salt Water Flush – Master Cleanse Diet

Salt Water Flush – Master Cleanse Diet

Salt Water Flush – Master Cleanse Diet – Lose 10LBS in 1 Day

Hi guys and today I’m back with Salt Water Flush – a super Master Cleanse diet which will help you lose up to 10 lbs in a day.

Yes that’s right up to 5 kilos in one single day this is salt water flush diet which is super effective and will never fail to work on you.

So Let’s See the Steps for Salt Water Flush

  • The first step is to take 1 litre of plain drinking water in a saucepan.
  • Add 3 teaspoons of Himalayan pink salt or sea salt remember we need to add salt which does not contain Iodine.
  • Turn on the heat and let the water get warm. I’m using salt without iodine, because our body does not absorb salt water without iodine.
  • It’s like drinking seawater, which isn’t retain by your body. Hence if you use salt with iodine then the body will absorb it instead of flushing it out.
  • Keep on stirring occasionally until salt dissolved this will take about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Choose a day which is not too busy as with a string you will be making frequent visits to the bathroom.
  • Also do not start this near or during your periods now turn off the heat and let the water come to a drinkable temperature.
  • Add one teaspoon of lemon juice to give it a pleasant flavour and now a salt water flush drink is ready.

Recommendations for Salt Water Flush

  • I recommend having the string empty stomach. However, if you think you can’t remain hungry for the next eight hours then have breakfast with a good amount of proteins like eggs tofu chicken etc.
  • Wait for two hours for the food to absorb and settle, then drink this water take some rest.
  • Within an hour, you would start experiencing bowel movements and would be rushing towards the bathroom this will work like an anema.
  • Having five or six bowel movements at these frequent bowel movements eliminate the ways that normally builds up in your digestive tract for the next few hours.
  • You will pee and poop a lot which means your body is going through a cleaning cycle your stomach small and large intestine and colon will get cleaned.
  • It will reduce bloating by removing air-liquid and solids you will see flattened.
  • After a few hours start having water but in limit say three to four glasses for the rest of the day. After 8 hours you can start eating but it healthy with fibre-rich foods.
  • People with high blood pressure digestive disease edema and pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid this flush.
  • You may experience one of these side effects nausea or muscle cramp after having the salt water.

Suggestions for Salt Water Flush

  • You may be asked to add some lemon juice thirsty as your body is getting rid of a lot of water. In this case, have some plain water or suck in ice cube tired and weak as you will be going to washroom a lot.
  • Take enough rest and try to be inside the house.
  • At the end of the day you will observe up to five kilos of weight loss in a day look less bloated and feel refreshed as a lot of ways will be eliminated from your body.
  • It’s basically a colon cleanse diet this weight loss is pure water weight you can continue to be the salt water flush for a week but no longer than that as it may harm your digestive health.
  • I recommend you to do it once every fortnight or whenever you feel the need to.
  • Do not have caffeinated or sugary drinks till you plan to be on salt water flush which means no tea coffee aerated drinks at that round.
  • Remember it’s a short-term weight loss as it will not clear of the fat once a note that following for seven days does not mean 35 kilos or weight loss.
  • It will only help get rid of bodies excess water and waste the water weight will come back unless you stick to a healthy diet with Himalayan pink salt and not table salt. Check more about Himalayan Salt at the end of the article.

Full Body Detox using Enema or Salt Water Flush

The subject of detoxing our body but in a fast way. I’m not talking about those one week that we do only on water, or just fruit juices and stuff like that.

A lot of people are asking me, should they do an enema or a salt water flush and what does it actually mean and why do we actually want to do it.

So in short, I’ll try to explain it because you know people have written entire books on this subject. Why do we do an enema, to begin with. Our body wants to detox.

What does it mean? We eat a lot of things, we have stress in our life, we breathe carbon dioxide all the time. And our body has toxins. Each cell acts exactly like a regular human being. Each cell is conscious of itself, each cell has its own cleaning mechanism.

That means that you have junk inside the cell, and then the cell takes out the junk into the space that is between the cells themselves.

Now, our digestive system, especially the last part of the digestive system, it’s built-in order to absorb, absorb vitamins, absorb nutrients.

The last part of our digestive system is where we take out all the crap, as one might say. And that part is also built to always, always absorbing.

Eating Junk food

So what happens when we eat junk? and we eat anything that we usually eat. And we don’t eat as we ate 1000 years ago, only organic fruits, vegetables, sometimes even animals 1000 years ago.

What happens is that everything leftover in that part, which didn’t come out, is always reabsorbed by the body.

This creates more toxins in the body because everything left there, that doesn’t know how to come out. Then it’s reabsorbed by the body, and the body doesn’t have any other mechanism of cleaning itself.

So it takes out pupils, you see it through the skin, bad breath, sometimes your skin itself smells kind of bad. Toxins come out of the body in multiple ways.

Now you will notice if you were googling enema, and zits or Acne. You will notice a lot of teenage kids today actually found out that they can do more enemas.

Then they will have their face really clean because the body will not need to detox itself in that way anymore.

So it won’t need to take it out from your pores. That’s the main reason why we do enemas. Now, enemas only cleans the last part of the digestive system. It doesn’t clean the whole digestive system.

I know some people go to these health clinics where they push the water inside and it goes a little bit deeper, that’s also good. But, it’s not perfect.

The perfect way, if you really wanna do it and you have a few hours to spend doing it, what you want to do is to do a full salt water flush.

The health benefits of uses of pink Himalayan sea salt.

  • Pink Himalayan Salt is absolutely delicious and one of the healthiest salts on the planet. That comes from ancient sea salt crystals, which mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains foothills.
  • Many people believe salt is bad for you, however, it is one of the most important substances that the body needs to survive.
  • Regular table salt is refine using chemicals and contains agents that are not healthy to consume; however, Himalayan salt is completely natural and over 250 million years old.
  • Himalayan salt contains over 84 trace elements and minerals that the body needs to maintain perfect health.
  • Eating a healthy source of salt such as this is important in regulating and maintaining normal blood pressure.
  • Salt is also essential for the adrenal glands to function correctly. This causes the adrenal cortex to produce over 50 hormones which are essential for the body.
  • Himalayan salt loosens mucus and helps the lungs to function properly. This often used in salt therapy, where patients inhale salt to treat bronchitis. You can purchase a salt inhaler to do this yourself at home.
  • Salt, in general, is essential for the body to maintain a healthy brain and neurological function. Healthy salts trigger parts of the brain which boosts creativity and imagination.
  • Many people use Himalayan salt lamps as a means of purifying the air in their home. This has been said to help many in breathing easier, yet more research is require.
  • The trace minerals in pink Himalayan salt helps to body to flush out excess water retention and increase blood circulation.
  • This ancient salt is much better than modern sea salt, as the sea has been polluted in recent years and contains harmful substances. Himalayan sea salt has been untouched for millennia and protected deep underground.

Master Cleanse FAQs – The Salt Water Flush

Here I’m going to talk about one of the most commonly asked questions on my Facebook page as well as it emails about Salt Water Flush. What is it? How to prepare it? and When to take it can you substitute it?

So instead of answering every single person individually I decided to write an article such as this one and explain the concept. It can help you have a successful cleanse at home first of all.

A Salt Water Flash is a vital part of Master Cleanse without it you really have no way for the toxins to released from your body.

So think of it as like washing your body from the inside out similar to a colonic, except colonic doesn’t reach as far you the justice system as the Sun water plage does.

It’s composed of lukewarm water and sea salt when you combine them together you produce this very salty a fluid.

If you drink in one sitting hopefully within one sitting and then it passes right through your body and it’s eliminated with all the toxins and buildup.

How to Make Salt Water Flush?

Full process on how to make the Salt Water Flush is explained in detail above. Check it out.

Try to finish This drink within 30 minutes and that’s really important because you want this to pass through your body as soon as possible.

Especially if you’re doing the Salt Water Flush in the morning which is another recommended time some folks have to go to work early they have to wake up early they have to get their kids ready for school.

So if you’re doing the Salt Water Flush in the mornings, try to wake up an hour earlier.

So this way you can drink Salt Water Flush and it can release by the time you’re ready to go to work.

Will all that Salt get Absorbed by my Body?

Some of you have expressed concern about the salt in the water Salt Water Flush and the concern is about your body absorbing some of it.

People try to avoid sodium will reduce it so that seems to be a big issue for some of you folks.

Well according to Stanley Burroughs the author of the Master Cleanse he says, that the ratio of water to salt is such that it does not get absorbed by your blood, so it passes right through your body without being absorbed.

Can I do the Salt Water Flush at any other time than in the Morning?

If for some reason you cannot drink the Salt Water Flush in the morning, I recommended to do it at night.

This way you’ll done with your workday and you can do the Salt Water Flush before you go to bed.

But try not to double up with the laxative tea, so for example, you should be drinking laxative tea at night and doing Salt Water Flush in the morning.

So if you’re going to switch them, then do the Salt Water Flush at night and do the laxative thing in the morning.

Now, this is going to change the way your body will respond to releasing toxins. For example if you’re drinking Salt Water Flush in the morning, what it happens is that the water is going to pass within an hour to hour and a half it’s going to released from your body.

You can have probably two or three bowel movements and once it’s done; you’re not going to be going to the bathroom again until the next morning. So that’s the good thing about doing the Salt Water Flush in the mornings, because once it’s done it, you’re good to go.

If you are doing laxative tea in the morning then the release of toxins is kind of unpredictable. You might need to go to the bathroom at some point in the morning or maybe mid-day or maybe towards the afternoon.

It just depends on when your body feels that need to release so it’s much less predictable than the Salt Water Flush.

However that shouldn’t stop you because again when you’re doing the Master Cleanse your bowel movements are not going to be out of control with the Salt Water Flush.

What if I don’t Experience any Elimination after Drinking the Salt Water Flush?

Some people have emailed me and told me that the Salt Water Flush did not work for them.

For some reason they were not able to release it in the time that is recommended and they’re really confused, they’re really concerned.

So I would say that’s one of you out there if it doesn’t work then try to substitute the Salt Water Flush with laxative tea. So do laxative tea at night and laxative tea in the morning.

The important thing on the Master Cleanse is that you’re releasing, if you’re not releasing anything during your cleanse, then that’s a big problem.

That means everything is just backed up in your suggestive track, so as long as you’re eliminating one way or another, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Trying to drink yourself water flush every morning while you on the cleanse. So try not to skip you should do it every single morning. If you’re doing ten days of cleansing you should do it ten times.

One last thing I want to mention if you cannot stomach the idea of drinking warm salty water believe me it’s more mental than physical.

If you do the trick with the stove at the back of your throat you’re going to bypass all the tastebuds and you’re going to be just fine.

If you’re interested in learning more about Master Cleanse, then Comment below. Suggest any Health Topics you interested. Thank you. Be Healthy!

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